====== Traveller: The New Era ====== ===== Game Recaps ===== ==== August 7, 2007 ==== * The prison guards start looking for alternate light sources after we demolish the power station. * Bebop doesn’t make the climb, falling taking minor damage. We hoist him up, and enter the prison compound (a pentagon styled building). * We make the long run to the small bunker like structure in the center of the compound. * The door is unopenable from the outside. We knock, hoping to intimidate the guards, but there is no answer. * Bebop tries to make a pretend commotion to get the door open. It also fails. * Gunney then sets 4 blocks of plastique, blowing the door open. We enter the building, Ronin leading, followed by Gunney, Wrench, and Bebop. * The walls have oil laterns on them, and there are many passages. * We come upon a vault door in the complex. It locks on the other side. We here movement on the other side. * Ronin opens the door and rolls in a flashbang. Gunney blasts the person inside with his shotgun, and Ronin finishes him off with a drop kick. * The room is some sort of prisoner transfer station with a stairway leading down. * We travel down the stairwell for at least 15 minutes, deep into a concrete underground bunker, with vault like doors. * The group splits up and takes 2 seperate ways. * Ronin and Bebop encounter guards prepared for their arrival. They are easily dispatched. * Gunney and Wrench encounter 3 guards in cover. Wrench takes 2 tough shots and goes down. He recovers and fights back from cover on the stairwell. Gunney charges 1 of the enemies, taking him out and stealing his cover. He then attacks the other 2 across the room. * A huge explosion happens, blowing a hole in the wall. Ronin and Bebop investigate. There are about 7 soldiers. * Bebop throws a grenade to distract them. They panic and run past the group. They appear to be rebels. * We encounter 6 men barracaded in a long cell block. Ronin unsuccessfully grenades them, then takes multiple assault rifle shots to the abdomen. * The gun fire from the rebels gets closer. We hide in a cell, hoping for the best. The explosions and commotion pass us by upstairs. * We can’t defeat them and retreat to the waiting rebels. We are introduced to Marissa Starcar and retreat with the rebel force. ==== August 21, 2007 ==== * We retreat with the rebels to the north of the city. * We find out that the rebels were on a rescue operation the same as us. There are rebels within the prison. * Both parties agree that getting rid of Duke Joseph Barris would be in everyone’s interests. * Marissa Starcar claims to want to get in touch with the Coalition, because there is a lot of technology on this planet that shouldn’t be here, that they would be interested in. * We come to an agreement that we will work together, with us retaining operational control. The rebels will get the tank. * It is decided that we will attack the orbitting ship, so that we can attack the ground forces without their backup. * The ship outclasses us, but we attack anyway. Shokugan class something something. * We out manuever the enemy, and demand their surrender. * Realizing that we don’t have enough people to effectivly board the ship, we destroy them. * Our ship lands back on the planet to pick up rebel soldiers so that we can attack Baron Joseph Barris from above. * Gunney leads a force of 50 rebels up to the Helios. The rest of the crew uses the Starlance to strafe the south part of the airport. * We succeed, forming a perimeter around the Helios. We begin preparations to get the Helios off the ground. * The Helios is so old that starting it isn’t easy. We have to wait quite a while before we can get it running. * While on the perimeter, Gunney notices that the grav tank is approaching the airport, with the Helios out of action for at least an hour. ===== NPCs ===== ==== Duke Joseph Barris ==== ==== Marissa Starcar ==== Mercenary hired by local rebels to fight Duke Joseph Barris, then stranded on the planet. Very confident personality. ===== Player Characters ===== ==== Gunney ==== Combat marine. ==== Ronin ==== Unarmed combat specialist. ==== Wrench ==== Mechanic. ==== Bebop ==== Faceman ==== Rocksteady ==== Pilot and captain.