Marvel Civil War

Game Recaps

August 14, 2007

  • While at Legend House, Blaze is watching a reality T.V. show about the New Warriors. The show quickly turns violent, as they begin to fight some villains.
  • In the heat of the battle Nitro explodes, and the show goes dead.
  • A special news cast explains that there was an explosion that killed 600 people, and help is requested.
  • Stratos leaves for the scene to get us a video feed.
  • There is destruction everywhere. Members of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are already on the sceen.
  • Arcano teleports the rest of the group to the destruction zone.
  • We begin to help out in the area, doing a lot of work around the outskirts of the damage.
  • We locate Speedball under the rubble. Behind him is Cold Heart, trying to recover.
  • We capture him for interrogation.
  • Many supers are found dead as we continue searching.
  • Speedball is unrepentent, and talks back to us.
  • Rewatching the footage of the event, it looks like Nitro is pleading with Speedball to stop, realizing that his powers are out of control. They just wanted to escape. The New Warriors pushed the matter and wouldn’t let down.
  • The media starts to blame them, and they begin to be known as “Baby Killers”. Even inactive members get this title.
  • Hindsight Lad released the secret identities of the New Warriors online, issuing an appology.
  • The New Warriors are attacked, and things escalate, calling into question what needs to be done about supers.
  • Hindsight Lad then gets arrested by John Jameson.
  • Public opinion turns against supers.
  • We prepare to go to the dedication to the people that were killed when a story comes on T.V. about Human Torch. He was attacked outside of a nightclub and put into a coma after trying to walk past the line and enter the club.
  • Arcano’s mentor, Master Mathagor tells us that there is something evil happening at the harbour power station. We leave to investigate.
  • While investigating, a shot rings out, and Stratos falls out of the sky. Blaze flies up to try and catch him, but doesn’t have the strength.
  • We see Venom and his minions around the power station.

August 28, 2007

  • The new Venom is the old Scorpion.
  • There is two snipers in the area and Venom to deal with.
  • Aegis senses a more dangerous prescense
  • They are all within a power plant compound, the snipers on the buildings, Venom on the stacks.
  • Arcano goes down to a sniper shot.
  • While covered in webbing, a pumpkin bomb explodes on Blaze.
  • It is revealed to be Jack o’ Lantern.
  • Jester has arrived on scene, stabbing Stratos in the neck.
  • He goes down hard from one attack by Aegis.
  • While on the roof, Blaze sees what looks like Iron Man flying away from the scene.
  • The cops show up, taking the bad guys away.
  • We are also taken away and held.
  • The public ID supers are let out with community service, the others are fined.
  • Frenzy is put on trial for murder, and is let off on bail.
  • In the coming days, Congress convenes, and puts into law the Superhuman Registration Act.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. creates an anti-supers strike force, dubbed the “Cape Killers”.
  • Iron Man becomes the poster child for this movement, Captain America is fully against it, along with Nick Fury.
  • We do not get registered, and get in touch with the Secret Avengers.
  • The group is getting quite large.
  • We come to a conclusion that the Secret Avengers should go out and continue to fight crime, as well as rescue the captured supers.
  • Most heroes are being held in a holding facility created by Mr. Fantastic.
  • On the scene of a prison truck, Iron Man attacks from ambush with She Hulk.
  • In the middle of the battle, Captain America arrives on the scene, and the Yancy Street Gang also begin to help us.
  • We retreat after resucing the heroes. The Thing leaves the country because of what is happening.
  • Spiderman turns to the darkside on live television, and outs his real identity.
  • Members of the Secret Avengers leave after seeing this.
  • Captain America asks us to take on a secret mission. He doesn’t trust Iron Man and wants us to break in to his computer in a S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • We get into the building, precede to the sub-basement, and start looking for his computer.
  • Shock Troopers enter, and are blinded.

Player Characters

The Legendaries

Popularity: Incredible 35


Fighting: Excellent 16
Agility: Amazing 46
Strength: Excellent 16
Endurance: Incredible 40
Reason: Typical 6
Intuition: Amazing 46
Psyche: Good 8

Origin: Alien (Major Race, Olympian)
ID: Public
Movement: 3 Areas per turn (75 feet)
Health: 118/58
Karma: 194
Popularity: Amazing 45
Resources: Typical 6


Leaping: Excellent 20
Body Armour: Monstrous 75/55 versus energy attacks. Aegis’ shield of energy requires an Agility check to use.
Energy Generation: Amazing 64
Danger Sense: Monstrous 75


Resist Domination


Hercules: Good 8


Aegis was Zeus’ shield-bearer, riding with him in the back of his chariot during the greatest battles of the gods. A staunch defender of Olympus, he did his duty with honor and pride for uncounted years by human reckoning. After being sent on a mission to Earth by Zeus, Aegis saw much injustice and pain in the realm of mankind, but also potential. Recognizing his great service to the gods, and his selfless determination to do what was right regardless of his own well-being, Zeus eventually accepted the pleas of his faithful servant. Aegis was sent to Earth, as its newest protector and ambassador to Olympus.


A flamer.


Earth control.




The Master Magus.
Has a telepathic link with Aegis.
His secret lair is the Cavern Arcanis, a dark crevasse.


Secret soldier flying scout.