Chicago On Fire


August 12, 2007

  • The night ends with Nick giving a eulogy for Ewan, who fell in battle to Savarius.
  • Nick and Carmen start to investigate a Lancea Sanctum artifact called the Mask of the Man.
  • While on a conference call about the nights activities, Nick encounters a kid in his haven, who delivers letter. Once delivered, the kid collapses on the floor, though he still has a pulse.
  • Nick puts the kid into a cab and gets him out of there.
  • The letter is a list of Lancea Sanctum and Invictus elders, and the crimes they have commited, with instructions that they are to be killed. If the letter isn’t acted upon, it claims that we will be put on it.
  • The Carthian Movement has much to be gained from Lancea Sanctum and Invictus loss.
  • While talking, an FBI alert comes over the radio, stating a man hunt is out for Ewan. The police discover where he was buried next to his family. Witnesses may have seen him being buried.
  • Nick heads to the Shed Aquarium to talk to Garret Maclean about Savarius. He is forthcoming with his info.
  • Tom and James head to the graveyard and talk to the officers. They tell us Agent Johanis took pictures in Hyde Park, and is developing them.
  • One Punch goes to the University, which is where his covenant meets, to find a way to clear his name.
  • Carmen and Nick go to the Temple of the Dark Crusader, the main place for the Fundamentalist Lancea Sanctum, one of the most major place for them in North America.
  • They go to talk to a Lancea Priest, Harlan Landry, a Gangrel with Covenant Status 3. They call him the prophet, because he has high levels of Auspex and claims to see the future. Very approachable.
  • They explain the loss of the Mask, hoping for his help. He has no information, but agrees to help if he can.
  • James and Tom go into the Undercity, looking for Max Murray’s journal. We aren’t prepared for the trip so we turn back.
  • Carmen talks to some Russian about info. He charges her $100,000 for it. She agrees.
  • One Punch goes to the Discarded Image to mingle hoping for some clues.
  • Nick meets up with One Punch and goes to meet up with Roan in the forest.
  • There is a large black man outside her cottage, but he doesn’t stop them.
  • Inside, Roan is a beautiful young woman. Nick offers up One Punch’s teaching in the Coils of the Dragon.
  • James and Tom go to the FBI headquarters.
  • They go into the photo lab and Agent Johanis’ office to take all the photos of Hyde Park, then leave without alerting anyone.
  • One Punch proceeds to teach Roan, gaining nightmares in the process.
  • Carmen and Nick go to Navy Pier to talk to Emily Morris about the Mask. She seems suspicious and won’t give up any info about how she came into the knowledge that the Mask was missing. She claims to fear for her life and won’t talk. Camen bitch slaps her, making an enemy.
  • They threaten her with going to Solomon Birch about her behaviour.
  • Nick observes pale orange and light green in her aura, feelings of fear and distrust.
  • Harlan Landry calls Carmen and warns her that the investigation will lead them into darkness and fire.
  • James calls Rocky to get phone records for Emily Morris. He comes through.
  • As the night comes to a close, we retire.
  • Rocky leaves a message about the phone calls. Only 3 were made: Armin Jackson, Samuel Black, and Unlisted.
  • Harlan Landry gets back in touch and has no good news.
  • He explains that a small contingent of Belial’s Brood are in town and are tracking us.
  • Anthony calls Carmen and explains where Carlos’ wife can be found, in the company of Mr. Black.
  • One Punch completes his teaching of Roan. She is gratefull and provides him with Gangrel clan status and a Werewolf ally.
  • We go to Mr. Black’s address. I sneak up.
  • Vin Mariani and Gina Gianni come out of the house, in the hurry, and go to his convertable.
  • They drive away, but James shoots out the back tire.
  • He drives on the rim to Navy Pier, and heads to the L-Station southbound.
  • We chase him through the train, him dominating people to get against us.
  • They leave the train at Soldier Field, we give chase and catch up.
  • Nick fails to tackle him as he runs toward the Shed Aquarium, Tom fails as well.
  • Carmen shoots at Vin Mariani, hitting him in the head. They keep running and get into the Shed Aquarium.
  • Carmen confronts them. Vin Mariani claims she can leave any time, but that she won’t.
  • Gina Gianni has a pale, angry aura, and is implied to not be human by Vin Mariani, and seems to be completely out of character.
  • She claims that she hasn’t gone to Carlos because she doesn’t have time, and that there are things they don’t understand going on. They take off.
  • Nick calls the unlisted number, and is greated by a distorted voice asking for a password.
  • We go back to Mr. Black’s place residence, break in and call the number. We don’t hear anything.
  • Vin Mariani calls his home number and threatens us. We search the home.
  • Some Theban components are found, as well as some screwed up version of Theban components. We also find Samuel Black’s identification, and it is Vin Mariani.
  • The Mask of the Man is also contained within the house.
  • Carmen calls Harlan Landry, explaining the situation. He says that we should bring it back and he can protect it. We trust him and bring him the Mask.
  • Harlan Landry claims there is a single, malevolent force is trying to divide us, so spread us too thin. Our encounter with Savarius was only the beginning.

September 2, 2007

  • We wake up the next night and meet at Johnny’s house.
  • Carlos shows up for the first time in a long time, looking worse for the wear.
  • We discuss the various plots going on, deciding what to do next.
  • We decide to look for info about the list, get gear to go into the sewers and talk to Lucinda Hale about Belial’s Brood.
  • While talking there are many, many crows sitting upon, and circling the house.
  • Carlos and One Punch go to talk to Harlan Landry about people on the hit list.
  • One of the names is Michael Dubiard, a protege of Solomon Birch. Unpopular outside his covenant, fanatic about the Lancea Sanctum, hardcore fundamentalist.
  • Nick goes looking for Lucinda Hale, starting with the Elysiums.
  • Creeper tells Nick that the archon has been frequenting the universities.
  • They go to the University of Chicago. After looking around, they find Lucinda Hale talking to Bastion.
  • At the point they start to listen to them, they are talking about preparations for the coming nights, and awaiting a small group, and that Savarius has almost completed his mission, and that they will meet again in a couple nights.
  • We all get together at an L-Train station to prepare to go into the sewers. We discuss what they heard in the library at the university.
  • We go down into the sewers, and from there to the Undercity.
  • The train hits James, and the mission is aborted. There is a minor Masquerade breach because of use of celerity.
  • Carlos blends into the crowd to try and convince them that they didn’t see what they think they just saw.
  • James is dropped off at Fausten’s haven, and is in torpor for two weeks.
  • Carlos and Fausten go to a local hospital to retrieve some blood.
  • Johnny, Fausten, and Carlos goes to the university to talk to Bastion.
  • One Punch and Nick goes to talk to Roan.
  • There are about a half dozen motorbikes parked outside of the university. One of them looks like Red’s.
  • After waiting for 45 minutes, 3 of them leave, including Red.
  • They go into the library, Fausten leading the way.
  • There are few people there, discussing various philosophies.
  • Fausten goes into the Secret Library, and finds Bastion alone.
  • They discuss the recent events, but Bastion says nothing of use, and is clearly lying about speaking to Lucinda Hale.
  • When they leave, they are followed by an SUV. They come to a stop and get out to confront the people in the other vehicle.
  • There are four people in the SUV. One of the people is wearing dark glasses.
  • When they approach, they hear the engine revving, and the gear box switches to reverse.
  • They start to backup and keep a distance between them and the group.
  • The person in glasses resists Carlos’ use of dominate.
  • Johnny celerities up to the van, and sees that it is Lucinda Hale in the driver’s seat.
  • Lucinda Hale commands him to sleep, then gets out to cut his head off.
  • Carlos gets in the way, and his arm gets severed.
  • A battle ensues.
  • After the first attack, Lucinda Hale looks like Savarius.
  • Fausten uses a power to make Savarius a scared heap.
  • At Roan’s cottage, the black guy is still guarding outside. He bows.
  • They discuss all the recent events, and she is forthcoming with info. She claims to have an address that Ewan wanted us to check out. Lucinda Hale apparently has been here before, and has used crows before.
  • The other group takes Savarius to the nearest gas station.
  • They fill the car with gas, push it out into the street, and then light up the car.
  • Savarius gets out of the car, and starts to walk down the street. The group attacks him, hoping to finish him off.
  • They finish him off, they hope.
  • The group then kidnaps the clerk from the gas station, then takes the SUV and begins to work him over.
  • Carlos then changes the clerks memory so that he thinks it was Montesore and Vin Mariani causing the trouble.
  • The next morning the group meets back up, and discusses their various dealings.
  • The address that Ewan supposedly gave was an address to the Chicago Zoological Center.
  • The group goes to check it out. It is a research and laboratory facility that is affiliated with the universities, that also has a public accessible zoo portion to it.
  • Bastion is in the building. Johnny sneaks up to see what he is up to.
  • Bastion is working in a lab, with parts of chimps that start melding into him. One of the chimps see him, and Bastion turns into a wolf and goes after Johnny, who runs away with Celerity, right into his car.
  • Back in the lab, there are strange textbooks, as well as animal parts other than chimps.
  • Nick finds some handwritten notes that are obviously by Bastion written in some strange language.
  • As the group leaves the lab, two mouth monsters come down the hall after them. They make a run for it.
  • Carlos and Fausten are attacked. The creatures clamp on.
  • The creatures die in a very unnatural way, and look like they were build from various animal parts.
  • The group gets back together, and comes to the realization that Bastion is at least peripherally involved with both the attack against Carlos’ family, and the slaughter of the Undercity.
  • Johnny, Carlos, and Fausten goes to talk to Harlan Landry about the dark prophecies against our coteries.
  • He claims that the Eye of the Great Serpent is still upon us. Its tongue stretches from the desert.
  • He also says that Solomon Birch was with Maxwell Clark when they took the Matriarch down. Other info on her is a dark path that he will not walk down.
  • He gives all three a piece of wood with a Hebrew symbol on it that supposedly will protect their havens if they place a point of their blood on it.
  • When the blood is placed, the symbol turns bright red.
  • With that, the night ends.

September 23, 2007

  • The group wakes up and heads to Johnny’s house.
  • They begin to discuss getting a shared haven.
  • One Punch doesn’t show up to the meeting. They go to his gym to look for him.
  • The front door is busted open. Nick senses that Bastion broke the door down, and there was a sense of fear in the place.
  • There is evidence of a battle inside. There is a lot of blood and body parts strewn about, both animal and human.
  • The group decide to go to check for him at the Zoological Society.
  • A guard comes up to Fausten and tells him that there is no entry tonight. Bastion’s orders.
  • They attack the guard after Carlos fails to command him.
  • One Punch and Rhymez and one other person is tied to the ground in some sort of ritual. One Punch breaks his restraints.
  • A werewolf companion is then called by One Punch.
  • The group then bursts through a hidden door into the inner Ordo Dracul sanctum.
  • The werewolf then bursts from One Punch’s face, after it gets all distorted.
  • Bastion then turns into mist and escapes out of the building.
  • Outside, Bastion jumps onto the L-Train. One Punch tries to follow, but can’t.
  • One Punch and Rhymez get picked up by Johnny.
  • Johnny gets thrown on top of the train, and faces Bastion.
  • At the same time, the rest of the group hears police sirens, and noticed that the train is missing all of its stops.
  • Johnny and Bastion fall off the train, and slam into a building.
  • We go up to get Johnny, who is almost dead.
  • The police capture the Hummer with the bodies of Nick and Carlos inside.
  • Tom follows the cops to find out where the bodies are being taken. The rest of the group goes to the Boneyard.
  • Carmen then meets up with the group at the Boneyard.
  • We then head to the hospital to retrieve the bodies.
  • Carmen bluffs her way in, we get the bodies, including the stranger, and we exfiltrate.
  • The next monring Rhymez starts feeling the presense of One Punch who killed himself in the sun, and the stranger.
  • We all meet at Johnny’s place to discuss plans.
  • Fausten goes to speak to his mentor with Johnny, the rest go to speak to Lucinda Hale at Navy Pier.
  • Lucinda Hale gives us contact information, and talks about a recent murder which is keeping a container ship out in the harbour. It supposedly contains a powerful relic.
  • Searching about the murders, we find out that the relic is the Ensabarian Sarcophagus from Egypt, and that no one knows how they got onto the ship or off.
  • While investigating, there was a murder at Navy Pier, very similarly to the murders on the ships.
  • Kiss gets back into the news, and a lot of dead people are connected to it.
  • Kiss gets traced back to Egypt.
  • Side effects of kiss are very extreme, including blood sweats, red outs, and in extreme cases, leprosy.
  • Lucinda Hale is found out to be from Europe or the Middle East, possibly Africa.
  • At the Navy Pier there is an attack amongst some Middle Easterners, Lucinda Hale, and Solomon Birch. He winds up killing them while Lucinda Hale escapes. The killings are incredibly vicious.
  • Ships arrived same time as Solomon Birch, middle easteners with with Solomon Birch, and middle easterners were hanging around the docks when we investigated the kiss, as well as the university.
  • Nick and Tom go to speak to Harlan Landry, who is no longer acting as head priest. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • The sarcophagus is supposed to be 6000 years old, and from the Blood Pyramid. It is also called the Cobra Headed Sarcophagus.
  • Several of the archaeologists from the site were killed, drained of blood.

October 14, 2007

  • We wake up to the noise of commotion coming from Johnny’s basement. It is Yueh waking up from torpor.
  • Yueh tries to walk away, but falls to the ground in pain, and feels a connection to Rhymez, who also feels the pain of the separation.
  • We decide to travel out to the tanker in the harbour, and rent a boat to get out there.
  • The tanker is called the Princess Dane.
  • On board, someone started to blow torch a door either closed or open. Johnny confronts him, to no avail.
  • The worker finishes blow torching open the door, radios in that he is finished, and then walks away.
  • It looks like the door was barred from the inside, there is blood on the floor, and there is a steady sound of dripping coming from within the compartment.
  • The blood on the floor leads to a crate, with pooled blood on the ground by it, and blood dripping out.
  • Within the crate is Lucinda Hale. Johnny and Nick take her back to the rental boat.
  • The rest of the group goes further into the ship.
  • Nick and Johnny come back onto the tanker after hiding Lucinda Hale, and find an area sectioned off by police tape. It looks like many crates were pushed around and ripped apart.
  • Inside one of the broken crates is a large sarcophagus.
  • Carmen sneaks back to the boat, and diablerizes Lucinda Hale.
  • The whole group meets up in the same area as the sarcophagus.
  • Yueh creates an illusion to distract some of the guards, Johnny, Carmen, and Rhymez go back to the boat, and Nick goes to check out the sarcophagus.
  • Nick gets a vision of Savarius and four other handlers around the sarcophagus, worshiping it or the contents. Very ritualistic.
  • Nick then feels a malevolent presence around him, a voice hisses at him that he doesn’t belong here, and he collapses, with a blinding white light in his vision.
  • Carmen and Yueh go looking for Nick. They are confronted by the guards.
  • Yueh then opens the sarcophagus, and a strange energy starts billowing into the sky.
  • As we all escape, a serpent comes out of the water and crushes one of the guards.
  • A strange beam of energy then shoots from the sky, destroying the ships, and the energy cloud dissipates.
  • The next night the group goes to talk to Alphonse Simms, curator of the museum. He has a big bushy beard, and the tattoo of a black moon on the palm of his hand.
  • The Ensabarian Sarcophagus has something to do with a cult that worshiped Set.
  • Rhymez and Yueh go to talk to Garret Maclean about Bastion abducting us. There is no concern from his part.
  • The other half of the group goes to research the sarcophagus.
  • Ensubar was one of the greatest of the Setites elders.
  • We go looking for a Kiss dealer, and find Killam Sussex Fitzpatrick.
  • He starts talking about the Black Hand, and that is where he gets his Kiss from. His contacts hang out in a house in the Southside.
  • When we drive by the house in Southside, we see Alphonse Simms there as well.
  • We sneak up to the house and see many people using Obfuscate.
  • Bastion is in the house, as well as a guy with ebony skin and a scimitar on his back.
  • We give this information to the Prince, and he is very grateful.
  • Carmen the calls Harlan Landry. He knows nothing of the Black Hand, but does know small things about Ensubar as well as Carmen’s sin.
  • He then talks about the Flood of the Serpents, a prophecy about Setites taking over the world.
  • Back at the car, there is a well dressed man there waiting for us, obviously a vampire. His aura appears confident and frustrated. His name is Lodin.
  • He makes a proposition to us, saying that he has traveled a long way and heard good things about us.

November 4, 2007

  • The group enters the waiting limo with Lodin
  • We travel to the Chicago Hilton, and travel to the penthouse.
  • Every wall is made up of tinted windows, with blinds, and there is a rooftop pool outside.
  • Lodin represents a group of Kindred who feel that their kind have lost their way, and want to create a new order.
  • Lodin wants us to help him, as we are not closely intertwined with the various groups in the city.
  • He believes that there is a vampire called Stephanie Walker that knows about the secrets of the fallen Camarilla, and that these secrets are necessary before going forward.
  • We get delivered back the Shed Aquarium
  • Most of the group goes to hunt, and then to their havens, Carmen goes to the docks looking for information about the ship. There is no information about it, which is strange because a ship shouldn’t be able to get into territorial waters unidentified.
  • Yueh gets into the car of the men that have been following him, which has a very strange interior. The men then start to grill him, and sound very hunter-like.
  • The rest of the group goes to Elysium
  • Persephony Moore (intelligent, cutthroat, lawyer, rebellious child of Maxwell, ventrue invictus) starts talking to Rhymez.
  • Apparently, Axel Briggs crossed the prince, and he put a major beating on him, putting him in torpor, keeping them there for so long that they go slightly mad from blood loss, doing it again and again, and turning them into his Hounds (who do his bidding).
  • Stephanie Walker hasn’t been seen at elysium in a few weeks, since about when she last talked to Johnny. She is known to hang out in Boystown.
  • Carmen and Rhymez go looking for Harlan Landry at the temple, and he isn’t there, so we call him.
  • We meet up with him at Navy Pier, and he tells us about the connection between Rhymez and Yueh, in that it is very ominous and wicked.
  • Yueh gets out of the car inside a compound, and gets put into a cell in a pit with a operating area.
  • The rest of us lure a car following us into a parking lot, and then block it off.
  • Johnny foolishly rushes out and celerities up to them. They then attack with superhuman strength. A battle ensues.
  • The one guy also shows a use of celerity.
  • Both guys get killed.
  • Nick knows a guy who can hack computers, named Chase who mights help us out.
  • They have files on us, some labeled “Strange Phenomenon”.
  • We go to FBI headquarters and look for “Containment Level A”.
  • Meanwhile, back in the cells, Yueh talks to Holy Oak in the cell next to him.
  • The rest of the group notices a control device on the FBI car, which opens a secret passage in the FBI parking garage.
  • It goes to another parking area, with guards above, and a pit with medical examination equipment in it.
  • Carmen casts a spell and goes into the cell area, finding Yueh.
  • She is noticed, and the guards open fire. Yueh frenzies, from his lack of blood. Carmen intervenes.
  • We escape, and go to Holy Oak’s haven.

January 6, 2008

  • While healing wounds, the coteries decide to combine into a new coterie, called “Hand Apocrypha”.
  • Nick and Carmen go to see Tobias Rieff, the main Harpy for Chicago.
  • He recognizes the new coterie, and is aware of Lucinda Hale’s death, and claims that it was the will of the people, as she and the Prince were not getting along.
  • After some “witty” repartee, they go back to Johnny’s haven.
  • After contemplating our next move, we decide to go to the Kiss House as the next course of action.
  • Nick goes to hunt in Boystown. He gets noticed and chased by the police, as they put beats to him.
  • We then go and bail him out, and there is a pending court appearance.
  • We notice a new security camera outside of the Kiss House. On closer inspection, after Relic hacks the system, there are 6 cameras spread around the house.
  • We decide to sneak in to the west side of the house.
  • We come upon a drug lab inside, not in large enough quantity to be the origin lab, but like there is some sort of experiment going on.
  • We split the group up into two seperate groups until the guards sweep this area of the house.
  • Johnny and Rhymez go into the next room and find that it has a mound of dead bodies.
  • As the thugs look around, they pass as far away from a suspicious locked door as possible, walking along the opposite wall.
  • The group finds notes in Old Germanic written by Bastion in the lab.
  • The body parts have needle tracks along them, and the veins are black and disgusting.
  • When parts are picked up, the ooze apart, and can be pushed together putty like.
  • With a mirror, we look under the door and see someone with ebon skin and a scimitar meditating. Probably Ensubar.
  • The room is perfectly black of undetermined size, with lots of candles lighting it.
  • We send Tom to check out the rest of the house obfuscated.
  • He gets noticed, but covers it up and continues to search through the house.
  • Tom gets out, and we go back to Johnny’s haven.
  • Rhymez and Yueh go to elysium with Carmen to follow up the Lucinda Hale investigation. Silvia seems like the best option. She has a lot of knowledge but isn’t concerned much with politics, and probably won’t go any further up in the Covenant echelon.
  • She claims that the archon’s investigation goes directly to Solomon Birch, and he has much to do with the Kiss.
  • Race night comes up for Johnny. His car explodes, and it is found out to be sabotage.
  • Nick finds information that Kiss allows Bastion to mold people together, and that as more gets into play, they can enact their plan. It involves some sort of ritual, that looks like it will turn the city into monsters.
  • The group goes to Elysium Night, and most of the information is of the inane sort.
  • Carmen, Relic, Nick, and Johnny goes to get and audience with the Prince.
  • Yueh, Tom, and Rhymez goes to talk to Tobias Rieff. He tries to extort Tom, who tells him to suck it.
  • The first group starts to explain some of the things happening about Kiss. He demands that we bring Bastion back to him immediately.
  • Carmen demands to be made an archon if she complies. He says when we succeed, they will talk.
  • We decide to head to the University, to look for Bastion.
  • Nick gets a call from Lodin, saying that we are allowed on the property, but to make sure none of the books are harmed.
  • The campus seems completely devoid of everyone, and there is a loud thunderclap as we enter.
  • We burst in on his chamber and confront Bastion.
  • Bastion has the ability to absorb Yueh and Rhymez.
  • We wind up taking a strange gem from his chest, and successfully stake him.
  • The crystal causes Carmen to lose consciousness, and Relic is stuck in the earth.

January 27, 2008

  • We load the unconsious members of the group into the van, and go back the Johnny’s penthouse haven.
  • Carmen notices that the gem she took is starting to disolve in her blood stream.
  • Tom cuts her open and sees that veins are starting to form through the gem.
  • We decide to consult Harlan about the situation.
  • Relic comes to, and remembers feelings of pain from being in the earth.
  • Yueh comes to, starts experiences blood sweats, and uncontrollably takes 2 blood from Rhymez though their connection.
  • Johnny, Tom, and Carmen goes to talk to Harlan. He gets her to put some blood in a chalice, and starts to examine it and do rituals.
  • He senses dark things within her, and a connection to Yueh and Rhymez.
  • Relic, Yueh, and Rhymez start to look through Bastion’s books and notes.
  • Bastion makes notes of a “Life Gem”, and that his research is kept in his private library.
  • There is mention of “Blood Brothers”, something he is trying to create, and a sort of lineage that every vampire is a part of.
  • The coterie gets back together and starts to compare information. We decide to go back to the Kiss House and to find Bastion’s hidden library.
  • In the van, on the way to the Kiss House, Yueh screams in pain, starts to spew blood, and then turns into a mecury style pool of ghostbusters goo. It runs out of the van into the sewers.
  • We go back to Johnny’s haven and try to recover.
  • The next day we try to clean the van and then go to Elysium.
  • We drag Bastion’s body inside, much to the surprise of everyone there, including Mistress Laskey.
  • She informs us that Maxwell is at his haven, Palmer House Hotel.
  • Carmen decides to get the help of Tobias Rieff to be a neutral third party. He demands half a million dollars to do so. He gets talked down to 100 grand.
  • Carmen, Rhymez, Relic, and Tobias go to talk to Maxwell. The rest stay in the vehicle with Bastion.
  • We bring the body around to the service entrance, where Maxwell sees it, and he congratulates us.
  • Maxwell asks us what we want in return, and we demand the service of Axel Briggs. Maxwell warns us that there isn’t much left of his mind.
  • Maxwell declares that we are all going to be known as True Ancillae (City Status).
  • Lodin called us, wanting to talk to us.
  • When we meet him, he asks us a favour, to take an ally of his under his wing.
  • He comes in, wearing a priest collar (Catholic), and calls himself Grey.
  • Lodin informs us that the Ordo Dracul are now hunting us, because of what we did to Bastion.
  • Lodin also wants one of us to run for Sheriff. Carmen is interested.
  • The group goes hunting, and Relic goes shopping for a laptop.
  • We start investigating the names on the hitlist. There were about 12, and now 3 are missing, with 1 known to be dead.
  • While investigating, a vampire named Andrea (mid-level Invictus, very posh and arrogant, on the list), hands a new list to Grey, with the names of Tom, Carmen, Carlos, and Nick on the bottom of the list.
  • We decide to go get Carlos to help in investigating Axel Briggs. The front door is slightly open, and all the lights are out.
  • Carmen notices that there is a complete absense of sound. Grey tries to talk to us, but there is no sound.
  • Carlos is in his reading room, standing up perfectly strait, with a dead look on his eyes.
  • A man with ebon skin steps from behind him with a scimitar. Carlos’ head falls to the ground. Carmen attacks. The rest of us do likewise.
  • Suddenly, we start to hear sounds again, he says something to us in Arabic, and disapears.
  • Grey knows from previous experience that this man was a powerful, elder Assamite.
  • We then go find the kids. They are skinned and spiked to the wall. The skin isn’t there.
  • The group takes some down time to attend to their needs.
  • We then go to investigate the Kiss House.
  • Tom obfuscates himself and then goes into the area. There are a lot of heavily armed guys, and an obvious armoury.
  • There is a concealing line of trees, with lots of obsidian like stuff and dead foliage around.
  • There are numerous robed men around an altar, with werewolves securly tied to the altar, dripping blood, and a serpent creature on it, with power emenating from it.
  • While obfuscated, the werewolf hisses and points to Tom, being able to follow him with his finger.
  • Tom exfiltrates from the area.
  • We argue about dumptrucks and napalm for hours on end.
  • Johnny calls Lodin, asking for advice on how to get in touch with werewolves.
  • Lodin comes to meet us, and we fill him in on the situation.
  • We decide that Grey, Lodin, and Carmen will go to the roof and take care of the humans, Tom and Relic get the dumptruck, Johnny and Rhymez go to the altar.
  • While driving up the lawn, the Assamite jumps out of the building, plunging his sword through the windshield and into Relic.
  • Tom then tackles him off the truck and Relic keeps driving.
  • Carmen gets onto the roof, Lodin falls.
  • Grey transports himself and Lodin onto the roof, when suddenly a man steps out of concealment in front into the truck, using his yellow eyes to ensorcel Andrew.
  • The yellow eyed man claims that we should stop and talk about this, that we are making a mistake. We don’t agree.
  • Johnny starts to feed on the Elder from the altar.
  • As the yellow eyed vampire runs, Relic chases after him, the Assamite disappears, and Johnny completes his diablerie, though there was no soul to steal.
  • Lodin starts to chase the yellow-eyed vampire, and yells out that we need to stop “Selim”.
  • Selim escapes the group, crawls through a hole into an underground cavern.

February 17, 2008

  • The group decides to follow Selim underground. We go in through the house and Tom smashes though a wall leading down to the cave.
  • There is a slightly visible trail that looks like it may have been a snake slither, and then footprints.
  • We come upon a strange crystal light upon a staff stuck into the ground and a locked chest. Looking in it, is an hourglass with all the red sand in the bottom and a strange version of Latin around the edge. It is an old form of writing used by the Lancea Sanctum, and talks about time travel.
  • We take the items and leave this area, as it is a dead end and Selim is no where to be seen.
  • We go to Lodin’s hotel. He seems frustrated and angry, and has a history with Selim.
  • Lodin takes the hourglass for study, the rest of us meet Dr. Fausten at Johnny’s house.
  • Nick gets a call from Norris. He goes to meet him, with Tom obfuscated. Norris may have heighted senses, because he doesn’t make contact.
  • Carmen and Grey go to talk to Myriam, and find out that Solomon Birch was behind the hit on Carlos. They also find out the the assamite came into the city about a month ago at the request of Walt Barowski.
  • Rhymez and Fausten go to Elysium and talk to Deuce Carter, Carthian Movement, Southside crook, head of the Southside Gangs, no clan or Carthian status, hasn’t been seen at Elysium since the last time we saw him, and he has been hanging in Southside among a couple streets.
  • We go to the Southside to check on Vin Mariani. Really bad neighborhood, we ask around an a lot of strange things have been happening: prostitutes missing, strange cars driving through.
  • Johnny and Relic search the police reports about Johnny’s race car. Investigation is inconclusive. Lt. Bracovich has suspended all investigation.
  • After further investigation, it seems like it was a Dragon’s Breath bomb, which means whoever planted it knew Johnny was a vampire.
  • We all awake to smoke. Our havens are on fire.
  • Relic confronts them and get ganked into torpor and kidnapped.
  • Rhymez confronts the arsonists, and they say that it is Holy Oak that sent them.
  • Grey confronts them and then teleported away.
  • Johnny and Nick confronts them. Johnny gets killed, Nick captures one of them.
  • Carmen gets their license plate and tries to convince them to talk. They don’t.
  • Tom gets burned alive in his haven.
  • Dr. Fausten just gets out of his haven in the nick of time.
  • We go to talk to the Real Holy Oak (Holy Oak 3). He tells us that the Holy Oak from the basement cassette (Holy Oak 1) was responsible.
  • We go to Elysium to tell the Prince that we were attacked and are confronted by Garret Maclean.
  • We go past him and go strait to the Prince.
  • While talking, the door slams open and Loden walks through with Lucinda Hale’s sister, who starts talking trash saying that it is time for new leadership.
  • We go with Loden, and begin preparations to get Relic back. He brings 16 other vampires with him.
  • It is a large manor, very money compared to the rest of the neighborhood.
  • We go in to look for Relic in the basement. Very large area with no one down there but Relic’s body, inside a strange Swastika. He has no eyes, and many broken bones.
  • As we approach, Gina steps out from behind with a slender, blood-dripping sword.
  • We defeat Gina, capture her and leave with Relic.
  • Outside are mortals who are checking out the crazy vampiric display.
  • We escape, while to ruckus is still going on.
  • Carmen and Grey go to talk to Harlan. He claims that the destroyed group was trying to create a Vassal, the Chain of Satan. You start with the lieutenants and work your way up to create Belial.
  • Harlan hasn’t been at temple in a long time, and has been working with Sylvia Raines, the leader of the non-fundamentalist Lancea Sanctum (Solomon Birch is the leader of the fundamentalists).
  • Nick goes up to meet Loden. His appartment is ransacked and he appears a little wounded from the night before.
  • He has info on the hourglass (Temporus Vaas), saying it lost its powers, which you can tell by the red sand.
  • Nick gets a vision of Loden trashing his room, removing the Temporus Vaas, and then calling Nick.
  • We meet back at the haven and are confronted by Selim. He claims we are on the wrong side, that Loden is manipulating us, and we should support Ensubar (she is a woman). He manipulates Nick into believing him.
  • We decide to meet with Ensubar in 1 week.

March 9, 2008

  • The group goes to meet Ensubar at the peace museum, being picked up in a car with Selim in it.
  • Rhymez and Relic stay behind, to keep him safe and out of trouble.
  • The group gets a bad feeling and is on the look for trouble.
  • They are led into a tunnel area downtown that is completely without light and are told to continue along the wall, when they start to hear boots on metal.
  • The metal staircase leads down, and seems fairly old, maybe from the 20s, and goes down below the sewers, possibly on par or below the subways.
  • There is a strong smell of decay, blood, dead flesh, and feces in the room the enter. There is bone and old decayed bodies around.
  • The groups beasts stir as they go into the center of the room.
  • Nick and Grey are the only ones that control themselves and are able to stay. There is a very beautiful Egyptian woman in the room.
  • She thanks the group for freeing her with a warning, that we need to leave this place because the coming war between the factions will kill us all.
  • The group is then escorted out and told that if they are ever there again, we will be killed.
  • Grey leaves the group and reports to Lodin about what happened, and that we know he has the Vaas.
  • Back at HQ a woman shows up and tells us that the Ordo Dracul summons us at midnight, to meet Victor Shaposnakov, an Inquisitor and childer of Bastion.
  • We go to meet Victor, who tells us that he is under orders to follow our Coterie to see if we are deserving punishment for destroying their books.
  • Jack tries to hack the phone system for Nick, and gets confronted by someone who claims that his actions will make his life forfeit.
  • We then all meet up back at the base, but on the way Carmen gets a call from Harlan and he asks us to meet him right away.
  • When we arrive there are numerous police cars on the scene, and quite a crowd of people outside, including a couple vampires.
  • We try to enter, but the cops don’t let us, and aren’t answering questions.
  • Rhymez talks his way in and Carmen jumps from the opposite roof to get in. We find what looks like Harlan’s beheaded corpse.
  • After the police leave, we all go down to the basement and get rid of a nosy reported, Jerry MumbleMumble.
  • We find a hidden door in the basement, and Nick knows from the blood that it was Harlan who was killed in a bloody battle by Garret Maclean.
  • The door leads to what appears to be Harlan’s haven.
  • Searching it we discover a lot of Lancea Sanctum books, Ordo Dracul books, pagan books (order of the crone), and lots of hand written notes and papers, and an envelope addressed to Carmen, sealed in wax.
  • It is a handwritten letter about Harlan uncovering numerous plots of dooms, about Lodin’s arrival and Maxwell’s upcoming indulgance.
  • While down there, we hear someone running up the steps, and we give chase, but he keeps distance. Nick sees it as Garret Maclean.
  • We meet back at the haven and discuss the events of the evenings.
  • Nick claims that Selim told him the hit list was written by Norris.
  • Carmen then forms a cabal to split the group and take them to New Orleans which Fausten has leads in. The group is Carmen, Nick, Rhymez, Relic, and Fausten.
  • The next night, the others go to the haven, and the Inner Cabal is gone.
  • Victor finds out about our plan. He confronts him, we argue, and then get on the plane.
  • The next night at Elysium, the Indulgence is called, and a blood hunt is called on the Hands of Apocrypha, and there is also an Assamite contract out on the group.
  • The group arrives in New Orleans. Agusto Vidal is the main Prince, Anton Savoy runs the French Quarter, there is 16 Elysiums in the French Quarter.
  • We go to an old mansion and are introduced to Phillip Maldonto (2 status Lancea Sanctum, Seneschal), who is an advisor to Agusto Vidal.
  • The Seneschal recognizes Fausten, and conducts an entrance ritual for us.
  • We find a small building to use as a temporary haven on Basin Street near the St. Louis Cemetary #1.
  • During the night, our new haven is surrounded by Zombies, and there is a horseless funeral carriage outside with a man in an old fashioned tuxedo, The Baron.
  • He demands Fausten come out and fulfil his duty, which is to diablerize his sire who is dead. The Baron is a cursed bloodline, and his child refused to take part and sacrificed himself to help Fausten escape.
  • We escape and go to a hotel. The phone rings and the lobby says that Sundown is in the lobby to see us.
  • Sundown has very youthful features, but with rotting, pale flesh. Dark skinned but now pale. He is an emmisary of Savoy, and asks for our help, because there is a connection between Vidal and Chicago, who is at odds with Savoy.
  • We agree to meet with Savoy at the Elysium at the Preservation hall.
  • The next night we meet with Savoy, who appears in his mid 30’s, and is very friendly. (Lancea Sanctum status 4).
  • Vidal is an ally of Maxwell, and helped dethrone the Matriarch. Savoy believes that he was conditioned heavily by Vidal.
  • Savoy wants us to kill Vidal, and to name our price. He also has an ally who will meet us the next night.
  • We are taken to a very nice house properly set up as our haven. There are also ritual symbols at all the entrances.
  • Several days later, the Inquisitor and Grey show up at our place, and try and make a deal with us.
  • While discussing, Carmen goes nuts and attacks Relic and then storms off. Relic snaps her sword in retaliation.
  • Afterwards, there is a noise at the front door, and a 9 foot Gargoyle walks towards it. He says Savoy sent him to help us and identifies himself of Ferok.
  • He claims that we are to meet other allies and then flys away. We leave the house, and the Gargoyle attacks, destroying the RV.
  • Suddenly, and woman with a blade comes to the scene and tells us to run back to the haven.

March 30, 2008

  • Most of the group decides to use the distraction to run. Grey stays to help the woman, touches her, and disapears.
  • Grey then reapears in the haven as we enter it.
  • We decide that this haven isn’t safe, so we get a few connected rooms at a hotel.
  • The woman introduces herself as Mona.
  • She claims she can help Carmen, and then goes to touch her cheek, curing her Narciscism derangement.
  • Mona is here at the behest of Savoy, and says that the Martriarch of Chicago is here in New Orleans.
  • Vidal, who is Solomon Birch’s sire, was part of the conspiracy against her, and keeps her trapped in New Orleans.
  • Stopping Vidal will help both New Orleans, and bring the rightfull Prince back to Chicago.
  • The Matriarch was known as a much more lenient Prince.
  • We decide that the Harvest of the Cross would be a good place to get info. It is a yearly festival held by the Lancea Sanctum.
  • It is being held one week hence below Jackson Square, buy a statue of an Angel, below ground at a big convention center.
  • We go to the Quantum Leap and talk to Sundown.
  • He informs us that Vidal associates with Pearl Chastane, Opal, Coco, Phillip, Ferok.
  • Baron Kimanteary hates him.
  • Vidal tends to hang out at the Lancea Sanctum temple, and there has been a lot of talk since his unknown guest arrived from Chicago.
  • Sundown recognizes Rhymez as an indie rapper and gets him to go up and perform. It is a raving success.
  • Pearl Chastane comes up to Rhymez and gets him to go to a private party the next night at a small club she just opened on Friday.
  • Rhymez and Nick go to find Savoy and ask about Mona while Grey hunts.
  • After asking around, we are told that Savoy is on a train out of town on business.
  • The guest of Vidal is supposedly his child.archon
  • We then go to check out the park where the Lancea Sanctum meetup is happening. We find a “pilgrim’s mark” which means vampires and danger.
  • We get the rest of the group and procede down, finding very clean tunnels and a steal door labeled that Kindred are welcome. Through the door is a large convention center/stadium. There is lots of cameras all around the place, lots of seating, private booths, an old scent of blood, and the convention floor has a red tint to it.
  • While searching the place, Nick finds a still smoking cigar. He gets a vision of a goth guy with a spiral carved into his forehead.
  • Strange events ensue.
  • We find a couple bikers burying what looks like a body.
  • A short while later, the guy with the spiral in his forehead arrives with some allies.
  • We then hear some muffled screaming, and the bikers taking bets about mound one and mound two.
  • Half an hour later a couple more bikers show up with some tied up humans.
  • Two vampires burst from the graves and devour the humans.
  • The third mound does not burst open.
  • We dig it out, and a woman in a coffin wakes up and screams, and is then subdued.
  • The next day, the woman wakes up and is very confused. Carmen explains the situation to her. She says her name is Ray-Anne
  • Rhymez, Nick, and Raoul then goes to the club for Rhymez performance, which is successful.
  • After the set, Pearl thanks Rhymez for the performance and then says if he needs anything, just ask.
  • We then notice that one of the bikers is there hitting on women who aren’t interested.
  • Rhymez then rolls up and gives him a major rap-dis, sending him into a frenzy. Rhymez pulls out his gat and fires.
  • We beat him into submission and Nick leaves with his body.
  • Raoul then goes to the back room and stakes Pearl.
  • We then go to the Zombie house and lay low.
  • On Wednesday, Nick, Grey, and Carmen go to the Harvest of the Cross ceremony.
  • Vidal, with Soloman Birch and Ferrok, says that a political prisoner in the city (Matriarch) is going to be executed to cause strife in Chicago.
  • A blood orgy then begins.
  • During the orgy, Vidal and Soloman Birch are talking to Spiral.
  • The group mingles and greet Soloman, who ignores them and talks to Vidal.
  • Nick finds out that the prisoner is being held at the Lafayette Rail Station.
  • Carmen plants the rumour that it is Pearl that is going to be executed as the political prisoner.
  • We all meet back up at the hotel to discuss plans and decide to go to the train station. Nick trails the rest of the group looking for tails.
  • The rail station is well guarded, and we try to avoid them unsuccessfully.
  • The group splits up, one half confronting the guards, the other half going towards the warehouse.
  • As the whole group gets to the warehouse, we see Spiral come out and talk to the guards, covered in blood from the orgy.

April 20, 2008

  • We snoop around outside to try and find the best way into the warehouse.
  • Grey and Raoul try to sneak up to one of the locked doors, but are heard.
  • The guards approach and Grey dissapears into the shadows. Raoul is left to fend for himself.
  • The guard finds Raoul and then unloads his submachine gun into him. Raoul tries to fake death to lure the guard closer. It works, and Raoul kicks the guard (lame).
  • A battle ensues, and part of the group goes to help Raoul.
  • The goon uses fifth level Animalism on Carmen, which is a very bad sign.
  • We defeat the first goon and hear the sound of hounds in the distance. Grey confronts them.
  • The rest of the group starts their assault on the warehouse.
  • We take out another guard, but none leave the warehouse for some reason.
  • The other guard at the loading bay drops his gun, pulls out a knife, and starts cutting his face off.
  • Raoul gets caught in the stare of Spiral, and it stunned. The spiral carved in his head starts to bleed.
  • The bay door then closes, and blood starts seeping out the sides.
  • The group then goes up to the door and forces it open. It feels very fleshy, and a large amount of blood pours out when it opens.
  • The inside of the building seems larger than it should be, and there is flesh all around. There is meat and body parts hanging everywhere.
  • We start exploring the building.
  • One room has a bunch of dead urban animals that seem to stare at us for a moment, then stop.
  • Relic almost gets swollowed by a shincter, but avoids it.
  • We enter a room with a child hung on hooks laughing at us. Relic blasts it away.
  • The next room everyone but Nick and Relic gets covered in “White Goo”. It envelopes us further and pulls us down.
  • Raoul uses an electricity power and escaps. The rest of the group wind up in a rib cage room.
  • We leave that room and go into a curved room and see the other part of the group, with spiral walking behind them with a big curved bone knife.
  • We see Spiral attack Raoul and decide to shoot the eye we are in. It shatters and we see some sort of brain room, with Spiral standing there.
  • Spiral starts to cuts his face off and we attack him.
  • We take Spiral out, and he splits down the centre. Inside is a creature. Everything starts to disintegrate, and we wake up in a regular warehouse.
  • We put a severe beating on Spiral. He turns to Grey, tells him that no one can stop the return of the Sabbat, and turns into a thousand spiders and escapes.
  • A maddened Grey attacks Carmen, but then comes to his senses.
  • Grey and Victor searches outside the warehouse. They find Nick and Relic buried in the ground.
  • Fausten, Rhymez, and Carmen find a body stapled to the wall without a head. If is Raoul.
  • The group comes together and finds a vault. Relic breaks the lock, and on a table in the vault is the Matriarch.
  • Nick notices that there is a trap on the body.
  • Grey attempts to travel through the shadows with her body. He succeeds.
  • We start to hear vehicles approaching, and notice that it is Vidal’s goons. One of the goons is Phillip Moldanato.
  • He motions to the cars and Solomon Birch gets out and confronts the group.
  • Nick and Relic start to have strange chest pains. Both are quite concerned.
  • We go back to the safe house and start to investigate the chest pains.
  • Victor uses his Vicistitude to open up their chests.
  • Deep inside he finds an egg very close to the heart. The organs have started to intertwine with it.
  • Fausten removes it from Nick’s chest very successfully. Victor puts his chest back together.
  • Fausten removes it from Relic’s chest, but screws up his heart. He loses the ability to spend blood except to wake up. Victor puts him back together.
  • Inside one of the eggs is a little alien creature, the same type that came out of Spiral. Fausten claims it is some form of a homonculus.
  • Later on, Raoul walks into the safe house, and claims that he is some unknown creature. We decide to trust him.
  • (The third Prince guy is Baron Chimanteary, who isn’t the Baron associated with Fausten.)
  • The group goes to find Moldanto. He is at a club. Nick asks around and finds out he really loves the mortal ladies.
  • Moldanto leaves the club and is followed by Grey. He goes into a alley with a prostitute. Soon after there are screams.
  • Grey approaches them and finds Moldanto with a scalpel in his hand and the prostitute disected very professionally.
  • After researching the matter, there has been a rash of murders that match this profile.
  • We decide to send an accusatory email to Moldanto about the situation. The murders seem to slow down.
  • Savoy returns to the city, and we go head off to his estate.

May 11, 2008

  • We get picked up by a driver with a van.
  • He takes us out of Savoy’s territory. We arrive at a 5 story office building.
  • In the lobby there is a large fountain with a statue of Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • The elevator seems to have some sort of a pressure plate on the floor.
  • The building then locks down, gates come down, everything is electronically sealed.
  • Carmen attempts to shoot a panel on the left door, nothing happens.
  • We attempt to call Mona but there is no signal.
  • Grey and Raoul go up the elevator, and it comes back down smelling of carbon monoxide.
  • There is a hidden door and a sealed room, obviously designed to eliminate mortals.
  • A middle eastern voice comes on the intercom and says that we are going to have lots of fun today.
  • We enter a 12x9 room with a piece of glass with the shadow of a man behind it.
  • There are large, heavy, double doors in the room.
  • The man identifies him as Samial Demate. He claims we are going to be put through a series of tests and that he is working for Maxwell.
  • There are 2 small vents in opposite corners of the room. Underneath the vents there are a pile of greasy rags.
  • Grey puts on gloves and starts to throw rags against the grates.
  • After the doctor finishes, the door unlocks. The Doctor gatheres some rags and we proceed.
  • We go into a large, dark room, with 8, 6 foot diameter lamps that begin to hum as they start to warm up.
  • We destroy all the lamps, and refuse to go through the next door, and instead try to break the observation glass.
  • The glass can’t be broken, so we proceed to the next big empty room, with strange little devices moving along tracks on the walls and ceilings.
  • The devices start shooting out lasers.
  • We try and cross the room with varying success.
  • Rhymez starts to frenzy because of a lack of blood. Raoul stuns him, and then feeds him some potent blood.
  • We go to the next room and hear and see whirling blades. There is also grating on the other side of the room with electrical panels behind them.
  • We shoot out the electrical panels and stop the blades.
  • The next room has a scared priest and two chained vampires in torpor. Carmen frenzies and tries to attack the priest, Grey intervenes.
  • The shit hits the fan and a battle ensues.
  • Carmen feeds from the priest and then Grey decides to carry him with us.
  • The next room’s floor seem covered in water, with four pillars with electrical equipment.
  • Raoul walks across the room, getting electrocuted, but seemingly not affected.
  • We destroy the pillars and cross the rooms.
  • The next room has large tanks and tubes, and nozzels around the room.
  • The room turns into one big conflagration.
  • Relic opens the previous door. We go in and then Nick blasts a tank, causing them all to explode. The window is also broken.
  • We come into a room with two elevators and two men with guns coming at us.
  • We dispatch them and use the elevator. We come out in a hall and start moving towards a closing door.
  • Through the door we see a man in a tuxedo getting on a motorbike. He does not stir our beasts. Rhymez shoots out the tire, and the man starts to run across streets.
  • Half the group starts to give chase.
  • Back at the building, we start to hear a strange beeping, and decide to take cover.
  • In the bikes storage compartment, there is a letter from Maxwell indicating he wants us dead, one from Solomon Birch saying we are in New Orleans, and a map of the loop in Chicago with an address.
  • We go to see Savoy, Mona is with him.
  • We talk about our agreement and the progress on it. He suggests Coco (Mekhet, old, Carthian, Primogen) would be the easier next target.
  • We partake in Savoy’s herd, and then head back to our haven.
  • After taking a day off, we go to city hall and try to find Coco.
  • Nick goes to talk to her, she mentions that she wants to take power away from the Lancea Sanctum, of which Prince Vidal is a part of.
  • After Coco leaves her office, we go in and bug it.
  • We catch a conversation that Coco thinks it is time for Vidals reign to end, and that Selim will be here soon to help.
  • We give our info to Savoy, and then we go to Chicago to take on the Setites.
  • While travelling to Chicago, we notice a strange shape flying high in the sky.

June 1, 2008

  • The group continues in the RV, but is stopped short by a massive wall of flying bugs in a dome shape.
  • We push on through the wall into the hallow of the bug dome, and see a small town at the bottom of an off ramp.
  • The town has lights in it, but it looks like there are bodies on the streets.
  • Checking newspapers it seems like it has been at least a week since the town was active.
  • Some of the bodies on the streets look like they were attacked by bugs, the other bodies look perfectly fine except that their eyes have been ripped out. It doesn’t look like it has anything to do with the bugs. The bugs are also staying completely away from those bodies.
  • The situation sounds like a myth about a Mesepotamian town that was dealing in dark arts, and an insect horde wiped it off the Earth.
  • There are no writing on the street signs, there is nothing on the liscense plates, maps don’t have names on it.
  • Later on, the Inquisitor catches up with us, and believes that we tried to contact him before we left.
  • We go to the centre of town and find a four block crater full of rubble. In the crator is a tunnel leading into the ground.
  • We go to get supplies for the tunnel and then go down inside.
  • Half of the group succeeds in getting through the tunnel. The other half gets caught up.
  • At the end of the tunnel it opens into a room. There is a strange tablet on the wall and a man in a leather trech coat with a ponytail and bald head reading it.
  • We destroy the tablets and go back through the tunnel. A black flame follows us out. Grey is caught in it, and is injured, but still alive.
  • Out in town, Raoul and Rhymez find a covenant of vampires chanting around a fire, with the same style jeweled knives that the ponytail guy had.
  • The other half of the group found a huge group of towns people, which Grey sets free much to Carmen’s chagrin.
  • The rest of the group meets up at the group of vampires. We see the bugs coming from their fire. We attack.
  • After we defeat them, Relic diablerizes one of them.
  • Meanwhile, Carmen is tied up in robes covered in blood, with ponytail guy casting a ritual on her.
  • Nick gets a telepathic image of Carmen, but can’t track her down.
  • Carmen finally comes back to the group, and claims she is ok.
  • We start back onto the road, and notice that as the bugs dissipate police start to go into the town.
  • Grey immediately reports to Loden, and we go back to Chicago.
  • We go to the Shed Aquarium to meet with Loden.
  • He is in a back room with a big table with 12 seats around it, and Loden at the head.
  • Loden tells us that he has taken the Princedom from Maxwell.
  • He says that if we give him a lifeboon, he will stop the bloodhunt and stop the Assamite.
  • We agree, and he asks us to help Selim, who is now the Seneschal, even though he previously asked us to kill him.
  • Loden claims that if we help him well enough, some of the vacant positions in the city can be filled by us.
  • We are told that Maxwell fled with his Seneschal, Garret Maclean. No one has heard from the Gangrel.
  • The group can’t come to a decision about a new leader, so we stay with Carmen.
  • Fausten and Nick go to check out the library for information.
  • They find out that the ritual was to raise Shaitan, an ancient Baali. The ritual involves a lot of human eyeballs.
  • Nick then gets a threatening call from Norris.

June 22, 2008

  • The group spends a week getting reacclimated with Chicago.
  • FIXME Worried Solomon Birch, lancea downfall
  • FIXME Loden doesn’t look well upon ordo and circle
  • FIXME Carthian is growing fast. Loden likes them, maxwell didn’t.
  • FIXME Ventrue primogen should be Max Murray. Believed to be the eldest kindred in the city, very powerful and respected. Missing since the sewers were attacked by creatures, though someone is using Influence to secretly rebuild.
  • FIXME Vin Mariani is paler than normal, very paranoid, and has some sort of open wound etching in his forehead, looks like an axehead.
  • After the week, we are called to the Civic Opera House to meet with Loden.
  • We are met by Ghouls and see about 6 on premesis, all packing heat.
  • There are many surveillance cameras and ghouled guard dogs. There is very heavy security.
  • Nick is told that if he can bring in the Gargoyle, he will be accepted as the Sheriff.
  • Going back to the cars, we see someone running away from Fausten’s car.
  • Relic looks over the car, and finds a tracking device. He then finds one on the other cars as well.
  • We continue to ask questions and wait for Elysium.
  • Rhymez starts to politick around the Daeva looking for support. The clan is disenfranchised but would probably support him. Most of the clan feels he needs the support of one of the powerful members of the clan. A meeting is set up with Walt Barowski.
  • At the meeting, Rhymez convinces Walt that he is the best person for Primogen. We seem to be on good terms.
  • Grey and Nick goes down into the undercity. There is lots of foul odors and damage everywhere.
  • At Elysium, Rhymez is taken back to the Primogen meeting room and introduced as the Primogen of the Daeva.
  • We are told that Garret Maclean is going to represent the Invictus.
  • Loden informs us that the tranquillity is no longer in affect and he will call a bloodhunt at his whim. The masquerade is fully in effect and even a minor breach is punishable by death, embracing is forbidden and both sire and child will be put to death, ghouls are also forbidden, he has no problem with vampires fighting each other as long as the masquerade is kept, but diablerists will be put to death, we will be following full rules of monomacy and that grivences should be brought to the prince and proper protocols will be followed.
  • After this was proclaimed, someone at the back yells out that this is all fucking stupid. He is a young stylish man that says his name is Anson. He says that he has travelled from L.A. and thinks that we should take our rightful place well above mortals, and that we should join him, as the Sabbat await. He then leaves.
  • Selim and Victor follow Anson to Soldier Field. There are 7 other punk vampires around a fire, with a woman in the trunk.
  • They confront them, trying to get him to go to Loden, but he is beligerant.
  • Relic finds out that the tracking devices are made by a dummy corporation controlled by Norris.
  • The next night, the group goes to the Lancea Sanctum temple. We are allowed in, and Carmen and Selim are allowed in to see Solomon Birch, and Ferrok is at his side.
  • They convince Ferrok to go to Elysium later that night.
  • We then go to see Anson. There are about 12 vampires with him now.
  • Anson says he will go in the limo to speak to Loden (Victor in disguise) if we all get out. We agree and Anson goes into the limo with Victor.
  • While they are together, Anson turns into mist, and Spiral forms up with the punks, and attack.
  • We are outmatched, and escape.

July 13, 2008

  • As the night begins, the group gets together to discuss what needs to be done. Selim isn’t informed of the meeting. There is a major storm that was not predicted.
  • Selim, Grey, and Rhymez go to the Elysiums to find out info about Anson, the Sabbat, and to fill in the blanks about the time they were in New Orleans. They are all successfull.
  • It is found out that Anson is a powerful anarchist from L.A. and is known for striking at peoples influences and herds. He also appeared after Loden was in L.A. for a month.
  • The Sabbat have many rituals involving blood, and tend to have a lot of combat power.
  • It was business as usual while the group was gone, but with the disapearance of Maxwell, his influence was dispersed. No one has stepped up to fully fill that void.
  • Fausten and Nick go to the catacombs of Ensubara and investigate. They find a hidden paper with old egyptian writing, but are being watched by obfuscated Egyptian guards. They don’t react.
  • While searching for info on Garret Maclean, Carmen is approached by Lucinda Hale’s twin sister, Daeonara.
  • She checks her aura and starts to question her about Lucinda.
  • Daeonara says that Carmen will be dead within the week.
  • We all meet back together and discuss the nights happenings.
  • We decide to start looking for information about L.A. and Anson.
  • Before we retire for the night, Tobias Rieff comes to speak to us. He delivers a letter to Carmen stating that she is challenged to a duel.
  • Carmen confides in Nick, hundreds of years ago (444 A.D.), Selim was responsible for the fall of the Camarilla.
  • The next night, the storm continues to rage. The storm system doesn’t seem to be moving at all.
  • Carmen immediately leaves for a destination unknown (to meet with a demon baali bastard looking for power).
  • Rhymez and Fausten go to the streets and try to make sense of the gangland situation, making some connections.
  • Relic decodes a message he recieved saying that the assamites are still after the group. It was signed Al-Sabah.
  • Fausten and Nick then go to the address on the map, it is a reinforced building meant to look abondoned. They also decifer the note and it said: “July 20th, Egyptian Consulate”. Relic finds out that it was built by one of Maxwell’s people.
  • Rhymez and Fausten go to talk to some gang leaders (Scratch, O’Gilvie, other minor kindred, other mortal people). Rhymez is trying to get the word out about a possible alliance against Anson.
  • Scratch offers a deal to Rhymez that if he brings him O’Gilvie’s head, we can deal.
  • The next night the group catches up on last nights happenings.
  • At the building, they see a middle eastern man whistling. He introduces himself as Al-Sabah.
  • He says that he has been following the recently embraced Samael DeWatt, a cronie of the Circle of the Methueselah.
  • Relic and Rhymez start to find likely candidates for influence within the media.
  • They then go to talk to O’Gilvie. He is an ignorant prick, but he is powerful and militant. He wants Scratch’s head as a show of faith for an alliance.
  • Him and Relic get into it. Relic falls hard to his wolf claws. 6 week torpor is emminent. Rhymez secures Relic to keep him safe.
  • Grey then goes out of line on the phone with Savoy giving him too much info. Nick then gets furious, and Savoy talks to Selim.
  • Nick then starts the interparty witch hunt.
  • Carmen comes in, and Selim and Rhymez notice something distinctly strange about her.
  • At the July 20th meeting, Fausten and Nick see people erecting a 6 story obelisk within the building’s courtyard.
  • Elsewhere in Illinois, flooding has gotten quite extreme as the weather continues out of control.
  • Grey then tattles on Carmen to Daeonara about the strangeness going on.
  • Selim and Relic get together to discuss what they saw about Carmen, as well as the Settite feelings on the Sabbat.
  • A couple nights pass and Carmen and Daenora begin their duel.
  • Rhymez starts betting street influence with some of the audience members.
  • The storm starts getting stronger around the fight building.
  • All the while, Loden is completely preoccupied, paranoid, and unfocused. The lights begin to flicker.
  • While fighting, Rhymez makes a deal with Nick. He will get him an introduction with the Carthians, in exchange for him helping Rhymez getting influence within the media.
  • Carmen wins the battle. After she does, a woman screams, and we turn to see Solomon Birch beheaded, with a large winged creature standing over him.

July 29, 2008

  • As the night begins, the crowd at elysium begins to panic and attempt to leave.
  • Nick attacks the demon with the stake-sword. The stake explodes in his hand.
  • Within the insanity, the demon explodes in a shower of flames.
  • Nick notices a strange green emination going from where the demon was strait to Carmen.
  • As Fausten goes outside, the Baron is waiting for him, with an army of zombies attacking any kindred the see.
  • We gather outside to figure out what to do, when we see Carmen look towards us and a ball of black flame starts to form in her hand.
  • While this is happening a bolt of lightning strikes the building right above Carmen.
  • After being attacked by Rhymez, Carmen escapes.
  • We then go to the back room and speak to Loden. He seems calm, and gives Selim a vial to give to Relic.
  • Grey wakes up the Vampire he kidnapped from Elysium.
  • Nick convinces guards that he is the new sheriff and goes into the Lancea Sanctum temple to investigate Solomon Birch’s office.
  • He gets an encrypted hard drive from his office and we go back to haven, discussing what has happened to Carmen, and what the deal with the demon is.
  • While driving back to haven in Selim’s limo, Al-Sabah winds up following us. He notices Ferrok following us, and high beams us.
  • We stop to talk to him, he informs us of the tail, and we meet in an underpass.
  • Nick tricks us into going into the sewers and then gets back into the limo and drives away to confront Ferrok.
  • Nick convinces Ferrok that Grey has the hard drive, and strikes a deal to get it back.
  • They get to the haven first, and start to rummage around. Nick gives us a message about the situation.
  • Nick starts to bluff Ferrok, and then takes off.
  • We then meet up with Nick and discuss about the situation.
  • Relic then wakes up with Ferrok and Norris in front of him.
  • They make a deal so that Relic will get the info off the hard drive without the group knowing it.
  • We then meet back at haven and are immediately suspicious of Relic.
  • We then interrogate him.
  • While decrypting it, the power goes off, and Relic attempts escape after the Fausten moronically uses a power on him.
  • We then go through the whole game again.
  • He gets: Solomon Birch’s torpor journals, The Locust Sworn (The Way of the Locust, a forbidden coil of the dragon dedicated to diablerie and soul destruction/stealing), The Golem, New Orleans file, Theban Sorcery, files on Maxwell
  • We then vote Rhymez as the new leader of the coterie.
  • The group then takes account of the current situation in hopes of coming to grips with the current situation.
  • Relic traces his contact number, and Grey attempts to unscramble Relic’s memories.
  • Grey discovers that Norris was not there, it was Ferrok and Garret Maclean (Garret was Maxwell’s protege).
  • Selim and Al-Sabah goes to talk to Dumptruck Ned about other power players who went missing.
  • We find Garret Maclean at the Chicago Tribune.
  • While there, we see an unknown vampire headed towards the Tribune. Very bookworm like.
  • We see him enter into some sort of extremely secure vault.
  • We follow the guy to his home in Englewood.
  • We all go into his home and talk to him. His name is Greg Norton and he was embraced in 1979 by Maxwell.
  • He says that the archives of the Kindred are in the vault.
  • He has been doing the job for a few years at the behest of Maxwell.
  • He now works with Garret Maclean, whom he saw a night ago.
  • Relic then informs us that he has called a meeting with Holy Oak, because he is a douche.
  • We all wake up the next day, we all wake up in a strange location. The voice of Samael Dewatt says “Welcome friends, I was expecting you.”

August 24, 2008

  • We look around the room, which is obviously reinforced and well kept.
  • There is security wiring visible around the room and two large televisions hanging from the ceiling.
  • There is a young girl trapped in machinery (a baler) from a local university, as well as Ran in another baler.
  • He claims that he was embraced after the last time, and that we will play a little game this time.
  • We can sacrifice one of our own to end this now, or we can go through his fun house, with a 3 hour time limit before the whole thing explodes.

  • Relic moves to R2 and opens the door. When he does the sound of a generator comes on. They come to a room with three thrones: one of oak, one of granite, one of iron.
  • There are loose stones littering the floor with the names of gods on them.
  • After talking to Selim, they think the iron is out of place in a pantheon of that time.
  • Grey moves the chair, as it starts to move, it tips and comes down fast, almost like one surface was magnetized.
  • It seems like the whole room is magnetized and there is seam that looks to be a door.
  • They attempt to push the door, but it doesn’t budge.
  • They then decide to start moving the chair away from the concave center of the floor. They hear creaking and groaning from the floor as they do this.
  • They then go back into the lobby and into R1.
  • There is a ladder that only goes down.
  • Grey comes into the room, but something quickly reaches out and collars him and it starts to dig into his neck. He turns into shadow to escape.
  • They get to the next room which is full of televisions showing different parts of the city.
  • Relic activates wolf claws and starts to climb up a hole. Samael is waiting at the top and blasts him dead with an elephant gun.

  • Rhymez, Fausten, and Selim go to L1. Inside we come to a Jefferies Tube with rungs covered in a black molasses type substance. We go up about two floors and our hands and feet are coated in ichor.
  • The room we enter looks like a ball room lit by torches with a grand piano in the center playing music, and the room looks like it takes up the whole third floor.
  • There are chandelliers and ropes holding them, as well as a stage with a curtain.
  • The piano has red keys instead of black, and they have smoked flesh instead of regular strings.
  • The stage appears to be hollow.
  • Rhymez then plays the piano, hitting the red keys, which makes someone scream loudly, and the flesh strings break and whip him in the face.
  • We push down the top of the piano and it goes quiet. We hear footfalls on the stage.
  • We see what seems to be a twilight creature, a large dog with tentacles.
  • We the decide to start trying to get through the stage.
  • We smash the stage open and it is pitch black. We through a torch down and it looks like a stone well 3 floors deep with a dirt floor.
  • We pull the curtain down and it reaches about 2 floors down.
  • We decide to not go down the well, and instead go back to the ladder and climb down. We hear water and drains.
  • We get to the sewers, though not the typical Chicago sewer, much older. They are very maze like, and electrically lit.
  • Selim busts throught the manhole cover, and we leave to think about our next move.
  • Samael comes on the speaker and says this is against the rules and someone needs to be punished. Selim picks Relic.
  • Outside, the Dr. feels that we are in some sort of illusion.
  • Selim sees that it is a short dwarf dressed as a clown holding a six foot staff creating the illusion. We are still in the sewer.
  • He levels the staff at us and throws a fireball at us.
  • We stake and take the dwarf with us to the foyer to meet the rest of the group.
  • Al’Sabah arrives at the fun house, picks the front door lock, and enters obfuscated. He goes through R1.
  • He then notices five pieces of technology suction cupped to the floor.
  • There are a few racks on the walls, but with nothing on the racks. There is also a door, through which there is another identical Jefferie’s Tube.
  • He hears the sound of power from below, and goes to investigate.
  • Al’Sabah comes upon the balers with the women almost crushed in them. There are holes full of sludge and several crates dumping sludge into the water. He is on a ledge of a big pit, the balers on the other side. There are holes in the walls with water flowing through them.
  • The group goes back to the throne room.
  • We go and get the strange suction cupped machines, which are electro magnetic pulse machines. We take them to the throne room.
  • Fausten turns them on in the throne room, and the door starts sliding backward.
  • This room is like the old fun house, with a window with Samael Dewatt waving at us through it. There is another door in here.
  • Grey brings in a pulse machine which starts to cause the place to shake, and machinery to explode. This window shatters.
  • The next room has a series of spear guns. None of them are working though, because of the pulse cannon.
  • We see Dewatt heading for the roof and give chase.
  • We cut his head off and jump to the next building.
  • The building explodes behind us.
  • We all go hunting and meet back at haven.

September 14, 2008

  • After some downtime we are called to meet with Lodin at the Shed Aquarium.
  • Lodin starts to explain how he is in contact with other cities to try to reform the Camarilla, and that the Sabbat are trying to stop him.
  • We are supposed to go to Sinister, Maine, and meet with Bard at the Golden House, one of the primary Elysium and try to get him to ally himself with us.
  • We decide to drive to Sinister, and take a few days to do so.
  • We get to the city and decide to go to the T.E. Norrington hotel.
  • In the Norrington we get a call from Gabriel Lucas Masters (very likely homosexual), son of Johnathan Masters, President and CEO of Masters Enterprises out of Boston (being a city under the control of Mages), and Grey and Rhymez go to see him in the lobby.
  • Gabriel says he is sent from Razor Talon to help us and stop us from destroying the world.
  • We decide to get a table at the restaurant and get the rest of the group to come meet him.
  • Grey notices that every shadow in the place is already being manipulated.
  • As Nick tries to see Gabriel’s aura, his eyes start to bleed. His perceives an intensely golden aura.
  • While talking all the windows smash and our table flips over. The manager is angered and we square with him and leave.
  • Al-Sabah stealthfully goes outside and uses heightened senses to see around. His eyes start to bleed as well.
  • We decide to team up with Gabriel.
  • Viktor and Rhymez decide to go to the Golden House to get the lay of the land.
  • We get taken into a throne room and are introduced to an old man with a ponytail, white tuxedo, and red cloak, Bard. It is very medieval Europe.
  • Speaking to the population at the Elysium, when people start to talk about the Regent, it is like they blink in and out and say the same thing.
  • Grey is captured and then released with a person named Tabitha possessing him.
  • We are met in our rooms by man named Sabastian, who wants to break the city free of its stagnancy and free people of their banality. He is not a vampire. He offers us influence in return.
  • After making his offer, he leaves in a very fluid sense, and leaves a powdery dust in his footsteps (sulfur).

October 5, 2008

  • The night begins with a battle with the Setites. Grey and Al-Sabah are not present.
  • Selim believes they are part of the Hand of Sekhmet, worshippers of the Egyptian god of destruction.
  • During the battle our powers activate random other powers. Dominate instead of Majesty, etc.
  • After defeating many of the foes, there is a priest with a staff that calls upon a sandstorm that causes aggravated damage.
  • Grey notices that there is an abyssal language carved in his chest, after he grabbed a guy and said he was returning him to god.
  • After the combat, there is a custodian that sees some of the craziness. We try and lie to him, it is somewhat successful.
  • Rhymez captures one of the Setites.
  • Selim realizes that the priest was Caldoun, who worked with Nefrititie to overthrow Rome.
  • Every time Grey says that he is working for God, more devil writing carves itself into him causing great pain.
  • We decide to try to get some info about the latest going on in the city, and also to get some influence.
  • Selim and Al-Sabah go to the museum to no avail. They try again and again.
  • Rhymez and Grey go to the Quantum Leap. Rhymez gives a great performance and gets to hob nob with High Society.
  • Selim and Al-Sabah finally get into the museum and find a lot of info that seems like mages are active in the city.
  • The info says that the “Gauntlet” is thining in many areas, making magic easier to use.
  • Grey goes to talk to Tessa in the Opera House Elysium, and she says that Bard is missing. We are prime suspects and the sherif is looking for us.
  • Rhymez goes to meet Kenneth Stone, a reporter, trying to make friends. They seem to spark up a good relationship.
  • Selim tries to interrogate the setite. He only speaks with divine talk about his faith in Caldoun.
  • Selim Jahan is his full name.
  • Rhymez goes to see the South Central Killaz.
  • The rest of the group goes to see Grumbit, the sherif.
  • He accuses the group of getting rid of Bard, and says that if they don’t find them he will crush their skulls.
  • The group investigates Bard’s castle about his whereabouts.
  • The servants know nothing. The security guards have started taping over the tapes because there was nothing of interest on them.
  • The group goes back to the hotel, the Setite is just a bunch of bones, with dead scarabs around him.

November 16, 2008

  • The group returns to Chicago, a week after our successes in Synister.
  • We are called to a meeting with Loden and told about a mission to turn L.A. to the Camarilla.
  • Nick is made Archon, and Selim is dismissed, and told that if Loden every sees him again he will kill him.
  • Selim recieves a letter: Hand of Sehkmet is everywhere, Nefrititie is missing, Enubara is in command, watch your back.
  • A week passes and we are called back to see Loden.
  • He requires us to travel to L.A., contact the reigning prince (Ingrid Svienson, Ravenos), and give him the offer.
  • The group meets up at the haven and discusses going to L.A. and the various leads to follow there.
  • We then leave for L.A. and get there a week later.
  • Most of the vampires that we question about Elysium don’t have any idea what we are talking about.
  • We come upon a couple of older vampires, but most of them are quite new.
  • The previous prince held elysiums, and Ingrid put a stop to that. She spends time on Hollywood Boulevard, which is the rack area as well.
  • There is feeding in the alleys, the masquerade is being broken quite often.
  • We get rooms at a local hotel and then go to a local bar called Bloc 66.
  • We see Carmen and Spiral at a table in the bar. We leave to discuss.
  • We go to another bar and get idiotic answers from complete morons. We also found out that she hangs out at the Flamingo.
  • The Flamingo is a well heeled gay dance club.
  • Ingrid comes out of a side room. He is a large man with man breasts, and a sequenced dress of eastern european decent.
  • Al-Sabah follows Spiral onto the subway. It starts going faster and faster, and the brakes are sabotaged.
  • He escapes, and the train crashes.
  • We find out that most of the elders were killed in riots a year ago. Someone exerted influence to make all the gangs rise up, and while the police were working to solve that, someone came into the city and killed the prince.
  • We go to an old art museum (the old elysium) to find out any info, but Viktor sets the alarm off.
  • We plan an outdoor concert for a month in the future.
  • We find out about an old elder in the meantime, named Gahul.
  • There is also a shadow council in the city.
  • During the phenomenal concert, the group is approached by someone who is the real ruler who wants to meet us in the elysium.
  • Anson and a sniper are at the show.
  • The group goes to the elysium, where they are met by a young man, young woman, and Ingrid in biker leather without a hint of makeup or implants.
  • As Viktor goes towards Anson, Carmen flys towards him.
  • Ingrid says his real name is Gahul and he has heard a lot of us.
  • Spiral comes out of a back room and a battle begins.
  • Carmen tells Rhymez in a crazy voice “May your greatest charm turn even your closet friends away”. -4 to all Presense checks for a year.
  • After the battle with the shadow leaders, the cops show up. The group is holed up inside.
  • Carmen flys away, and Anson is killed by Viktor.

December 7, 2008

  • The group in the warehouse sees that they are surrounded by cops.
  • They decide to go into the sewers as their escape route, even though they all have a bad feeling about it.
  • They notice by smell a strange sludge on the walls, and hear the roar of creatures.
  • As they put their flashlights on the roof of the sewer, they see large skinless, spikey apes (Schlockda) moving fast towards them.
  • Dr. Fausten realizes that when the Tzimisce were brought into the Ordo Dracul, these ghouls have been around.
  • They enter combat with the creatures, but the Doctor and Selim high tale it out of there.
  • Nick gets overtaken, and his heart is ripped out of his chest and flung against the wall.
  • A half hour later the group meets up again.
  • We go back to where Nick fell, and Selim goes in obfuscated. He can’t see anything, so Gabriel tracks the trail.
  • We travel through the sewer and come to an old Hollywood mansion (1920s - 50s).
  • Selim goes up to the mansion and sees lots of Shlockda.
  • We decide to go up to the mansion as a group, and ring the doorbell.
  • The door is answered by a strange alien looking creature (a Tzimisce) with flowing purple robes, rings, and just generally strange looking.
  • We ask the man if he has Nick’s body. He says yes, but that he didn’t have a heart, which was quickly remedied.
  • He then says that he (Thayd) will give Nick back if we partake in the viniculum as part of a ritual. Fausten and Viktor partake.
  • Thayd says that they are now good friends and he will call upon them soon.
  • We take Nick back and Vicktor tries to put him back together.
  • As Viktor is working on Nick, we see a hawk on the windowsill. Selim hisses and closes the blinds.
  • Grey gets in contact with Lodin, and he wants us to find out who is in control of the Sabbat, since it seems the city is lost.
  • Nick gets some information about the Hall of Judas.
  • We disquise ourselves with Viktor’s help, and head there.
  • The floor is covered in grimey soot.
  • Talking is heard in one of the side rooms.
  • A man in denim with no shirt on and heavily tatooed in there and takes a few steps into the main chamber, obviously having heard us.
  • He frenzies and we subdue him.
  • We then hear the voice of Solomon Birch say to come inside.
  • He says that he is the Regent and the Cardinal, and that the Sabbat has grown incredibly large.
  • He offers us an ultimatum and options, he wants us to join the Sabbat.
  • Selim agrees, the rest do not.
  • A tough fight ensues.
  • We block the door, and bash the wall down to escape.
  • We leave for Chicago and tend to our wounds.
  • The Hands of Apocrypha await the Rise of the Sabbat.

Non-player Characters


Lucinda Hale

Emily Morris


Maxwell Clark


Garret Maclean


Max Murray



Holy Oak

Vail O’Connor


Ordo Dracul
One of the most high-up members of the Ordo Dracul.
Caught him during the raid on the Kiss warehouse.
Pompous ass that looks down on everyone with less status.
Red was working for him, and Red attacked us in the warehouse.
Full name is Edward Bastion.

Solomon Birch

Sire of the Prince of New Orleans.


Circle of the Crone.
Kicked out by the sister.
Fell in with a strange cult “The Death Eaters”, before Rome was built.
Only a handful of them left.
Climbed the ranks quickly and gained much status in that bloodline.
Everything he does has reason, nothing is random.
He was last seen 230 years ago.
Single handedly killed the 3 most powerful elders in Moscow, then left.
Probably has many ties to his old Covenant.
The Death Eaters are Diablerists.

Vincent Faulkner

Head of the Longshormen’s Labour Union, and ally of James.

Hugh Stanton

City councillor in Chicago. Ally of James.


Richard “Rocky” Forbeck, captain in the Chicago police department. Allied with James.


Snitch working for Norris and blood bound to James.

Axel Briggs

Steven Barowski

Highest level Carthian.

T.J. Washington

Carthian gangster.

Lillian Vanderpool

Carthian Myrmidon.

Sylvia Raines

Emily Morris

Harlan Landry


A powerful Ancillae Vampire, Ventrue and Invictus member has started up a Coterie of like minded individuals. These individuals, known as “The Camarilla” want to reforge the Camarilla in modern day and unite the Kindread under one banner. The logical place to start of course, Chicago.

Tobias Rieff

Not well liked.
Very big gossip.
Considered perfect for a Harpy.
Lancea Sanctum, though no status.
Three City Status.

Vin Marianni

Main member of Belial’s Brood.


Shed Aquarium

Discarded Image

Harbour-front Sewers

James Nowak’s haven, located under warehouses by the docks.



The Boneyard is the hip, downtown club owned by Rhymez. He is the house DJ, plays the occasional live show, and has a recording studio as well as his haven in the basement. Was burnt down.

Player Characters

Hands of Apocrypha

The Sons of Midnight

James Novak

Player: Darren Brewster
Concept: Former executive in the Longshormen’s Union
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Age: 31
Apparent Age: 30
Date of Birth: July 30, 1975
R.I.P.: January 19, 2005
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Ethnic Polish
Nationality: American
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs.
Sex: Male

Carlos Gianni

Player: Mike Hennigar
Covenant: Lancea sanctum
Sex: Male

Carmen Gianni

Player: Mike Hennigar
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Sex: Female

Tom Thorton

Player: Mike Currie
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Sex: Male

Kael “One Punch” Cohane

Player: Tim Dobson
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Sex: Male

The Fast and the Mysterious

Nick Quolye

Player: Shawn Maggio
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Sex: Male

Ewan Whitwer

Player: Andrew Maggio
Sex: Male

Johnny Fears

Player: Lee Moore
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Sex: Male

Dr. Yohanz Fausten

Player: Iain Anderson
Sex: Male


Insidious Rhymez

Player: Darren Brewster
Concept: Chicago area rapper
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Apparent Age:
Date of Birth:
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Race: African American
Nationality: American
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Sex: Male

I don’t break in stores - but I break all laws Written while sittin’ - all fittin’ not bitten Givin’ me the juice that your not gettin’

- Public Enemy “Public Enemy No. 1”


Player: Tim Dobson
Sex: Male

Benjamin “Relic” MacGregor
Jack Novak

Name: Copied. WTF?

Victor Shaposnakov