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This is a list of game rules and setting information.


Empirica Galactica
Science fiction in the 23rd century, powered by GURPS.

The Generic Universal Roleplaying System.

Burning Wheel

It is the waning hours of the greatest republic the world had ever seen. What will you fight for in Rome?

Burning Full-Metal Fantasy
Roleplaying in the world of the Iron Kingdoms with Burning Wheel.

Veiled Virtues
Modern-day action in a dangerous world.

Soot-Stained Fantasy
Steampunk fantasy in a soot-stained, grimy world working through an exaggerated industrial revolution, powered by Barbarians of Lemuria.

BoL Pulp!
Pulp adventures powered by Barbarians of Lemuria.

Basic Action Super Heroes: Ultimate Edition.

Fate 3.0
The Fate 3.0 rule set based on Spirit of the Century by Evil Hat Productions.

Star Trek
A Star Trek RPG based on the Fate 3.0 rule set as adapted from Spirit of the Century.

Star Wars
A Fate 3.0 conversion of a galaxy far, far away.

Sword and Sorcery
A Fate 3.0 hack for Sword and Sorcery worlds.

Transhuman Space
A conversion of Transhuman Space from GURPS to EABA.

World of Darkness³
A d6 version of the new World of Darkness rules.

Unnamed System
A new system created by me that takes inspiration from many places.

Game Snippets
Random game rules and other thoughts without a home.


Conspiracy X
The recap of Conspiracy X.

Fight for glory in Ancient Greece, and be a hero remembered for all the ages.

Chicago On Fire
The recap of Chicago On Fire, a Vampire: The Requiem campaign.

Marvel Civil War
The recap of Marvel Civil War, an Advanced Marvel Superheroes campaign.

Traveller: The New Era
The recap of a Traveller: The New Era campaign.


Iron Kingdoms Savage Worlds
Full-Metal Fantasy in Western Immoren.

Torg Story Rules
An excellent description of the oft-times convoluted story rules of Torg.


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Ten Kingdoms
Medieval fantasy in a world at war, played with The Burning Wheel. Fight for what you believe.

Superlative System
A mashup of Advanced Marvel Super and Fudge, based upon the initial work of Steve Kenson.

World of Darkness: Sinister
The world has a new capitol of filth, corruption, and intrigue.

Starblazer Adventures
A rock and roll space opera adventure game based on the FATE 3.0 engine from Spirit of the Century.

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